LA-EA3/LA-EA5 Mount Adaptor

If you use the LA-EA3 Mount Adaptor (sold separately) or LA-EA5 Mount Adaptor (sold separately), the following functions are available.

Full frame shooting:

Available with full frame shooting-compatible lenses only


Available with SAM/SSM lens only

AF system:
Phase Detection AF

AF/MF select:
Can be changed using the operating switch on the lens.

Focus Mode:
Single-shot AF/Automatic AF/Continuous AF/Direct manual focus (DMF)/Manual Focus

  • When using a Mount Adaptor in the movie mode, adjust the aperture value and the focus manually.

Available focus area:

[Wide]/[Zone]/[Center Fix]/[Spot]/[Expand Spot]/[Tracking]



  • When a setting other than [Continuous Shooting: Lo] is selected for [Cont. Shooting], the focus is locked during the first shot, even if [Focus Mode] is set to [Continuous AF].