Encrypts data when the camera and a computer communicate via a wired LAN or Wi-Fi connection.

  1. MENU(Network) → [Network Option][Security(IPsec)] → desired setting.

Menu item details

Sets whether or not the [Security(IPsec)] function is used. ([On]/[Off])
Dest. IP Address:
Sets the IP address of the device to connect using the [Security(IPsec)] function.
Shared Key:
Sets the shared key used by the [Security(IPsec)] function.


  • Use at least eight and no more than 20 alphanumeric characters or symbols for [Shared Key].
  • When you enter the shared key, note that unmasking the shared key risks revealing it to a third party. Make sure that no one is around before unmasking.
  • For IPsec communications, the device to connect must be compatible with IPsec.
    Depending on the device, communications may not be possible or the communication speed may be slow.
  • On this camera, IPsec operates in transport mode only and uses IKEv2.
    The algorithms are AES with 128-bit keys in CBC mode/Diffie-Hellman 3072-bit modp group/PRF-HMAC-SHA-256/HMAC-SHA-384-192.
    The authentication expires after 24 hours.
  • Encrypted communications can only be made with devices that are configured correctly. Communications with other devices are not encrypted.
  • For details on the IPsec configuration, consult the administrator of the network for your device.
  • [Security(IPsec)] cannot be used when [Access Authen.] under [Access Authen. Settings] is set to [On].