Wearing the headset

  1. Put the headset units into both ears.

    Put the headset unit with the (left) mark into your left ear and the headset unit with the (right) mark into your right ear. The left unit has a tactile dot.

    Be careful not to come in contact with the touch sensor when you wear the headset on your ears.

    Illustration indicating the location of the tactile dot (A) on the left unit

    Illustration indicating the locations of the touch sensors (B) on the headset

    A: Tactile dot

    B: Touch sensors (left, right)

  2. Adjust the fit of the headset to your ears.

    Twist the headset unit to fit it snugly into the ear canal, and adjust the positioning of the headset unit until it fits comfortably.

  3. Wait for about 10 seconds for the earbud tip shape to stabilize.


  • If you feel earbud tips are difficult to put into your ears, change the size of earbud tips or squeeze earbud tips lightly before wearing the headset.
  • When you wear the headset or adjust the positioning of the headset unit, see the illustration in step 2 for how to hold the headset unit.

For the proper sound quality, noise canceling function, and call sound quality to be effective

If the size of the earbud tips does not match the size of your ear canals or the headset is not properly worn on your ears, tap operations or the speech detection of Speak-to-Chat may not be successful, or you may not obtain proper sound qualities, noise canceling effects, or call performances.
If any of this is the case, try the following.

  • Change the earbud tips to ones that fit more snugly in your ears. When changing the earbud tips, try the earbud tip sizes in order from the larger ones to the smaller ones. The size of the left and right earbud tips may be different.
    The “Sony | Headphones Connect” app will help you to determine which earbud tips are most suitable for you to achieve the optimal noise cancellation effect.
  • Referring to step 2, check if the headset is properly worn on your ears. Wear the headset so that the earbud tip is comfortably situated as deep in the ear canal as possible.

When attaching and removing the headset

In the factory settings, the built-in IR sensors detect when the headset is attached to or removed from your ears, enabling the headset to pause or resume music playback, as well as control the touch sensors and voice guidance.

When the headset is worn

  • You can use the touch sensors to play music, make and receive calls, etc.
  • You will hear a voice guidance corresponding to the operation and status.

When the headset is removed

  • When you listen to music while wearing both headset units in your ears, the headset will pause music playback if one or both headset units are removed. When the headset is worn again, the headset resumes music playback.
  • When the headset is not worn on your ears for about 15 minutes after being removed from the charging case, the headset turns off automatically to save the battery. Turn the headset on by tapping the touch sensor or by putting the headset into your ears.
  • In order to prevent the headset from reacting incorrectly, music playback, making and receiving calls as well as other operations cannot be performed by tapping the touch sensors of the headset removed from your ears.


  • You can also play music, make and receive calls, etc. when only one unit of the headset is worn on your ear.
  • By using the “Sony | Headphones Connect” app, you can change the setting of automatically pausing and resuming the music playback, or automatically turning off the headset.