Resetting the headset

If the headset cannot be turned on or cannot be operated even when it is turned on, reset the headset. Reset one of the headset units at a time.

  1. Set a headset unit into the charging case.

    Close the lid of the charging case after setting the headset into the charging case.

  2. Connect the charging case to an AC outlet.

    Use the supplied USB Type-C cable and a commercially available USB AC adaptor.

  3. Open and close the lid of the charging case more than 5 times within 20 seconds.

    The indicator (red) of the charging case starts flashing.

    When the resetting is complete, the indicator (green) of the charging case flashes 4 times ( ).

  4. Remove the headset unit from the charging case, set the other headset unit to the charging case, and then start the operation again from step 1.

The device registration (pairing) information and other settings are retained.
If the headset does not operate correctly even after resetting, initialize the headset to restore factory settings.

About the instruction manual video

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