Using only one unit of the headset

You can remove one unit of the headset from the charging case and use the unit by itself.
In this case, only the unit that has been removed from the charging case will turn on.

When you put on the other unit of the headset

The connection between the left and right units is established automatically, and you will hear the music or other audio on both units of the headset.

Assigning functions to the touch sensors

Depending on the headset unit you are wearing, some functions may not be available in the factory settings. In this case, you can change the function assignments to the touch sensors using the “Sony | Headphones Connect” app.


  • When you play music or other stereo audio while wearing only one unit, you will hear monaural sound with the left and right channels mixed.
  • Depending on the assignment of the touch sensors and/or the Voice Assistant setting, you may only be able to use one unit of the headset.
    Refer to the following and check the setting in the “Sony | Headphones Connect” app.
    Voice Assistant setting menu item Specification
    [Voice Assist Function of Mobile Device] Either unit of the headset can be used.
    [Google Assistant] or [Amazon Alexa] Only the headset unit with the Touch Sensor Control function set to [Playback control] can be used alone.
    Assign the [Playback control] function to the headset unit you want to use alone.
    In the factory settings, [Playback control] is assigned to the right unit.
    When you assign [Playback control] to both headset units, full functionality is only available on the right unit.
    [Do not use] Either unit of the headset can be used.