Earbud tips are damaged or lost.

  • To change the earbud tips with new ones, purchase the EP-NI1000S/EP-NI1000M/EP-NI1000L (*) sold separately.

*May not be supported in some countries or regions.

To protect the earbud tips from quick deterioration, follow the precautions below to continue using them.

  • When the earbud tips become dirty, do not wash them in water, and wipe off the dirt using a dry cloth. Do not use alcohol, etc. Doing so may quicken the deterioration.
  • Do not pull on the polyurethane foam portion of the earbud tip. If it is separated from the earbud tip, it will not function.
  • Do not subject the polyurethane foam portion of the earbud tip to pressure for over long periods of time. It may cause deformation and it may be difficult to return the earbud tip to the original shape.
  • When the earbud tips get soaked, drain the liquid well, and make sure that the earbud tips are dried before use or storage.

When there are cracked, peeled, or chipped portions in the earbud tips, refrain from using them.

If the earbud tips deteriorate, they cannot achieve proper sound qualities or noise canceling effects, and can cause injuries or diseases as the earbud tips may come off and remain in the ear.