Connecting the headset to both a music player and a smartphone / mobile phone (multipoint connection)

Multipoint is a function which allows you to connect 2 Bluetooth devices to the headset and use one device for music playback (A2DP connection) and the other for calls (HFP/HSP connection).

When you wish to use a music player only for music playback and a smartphone only for calls, use a multipoint connection to the headset for each device. The connecting devices need to support the Bluetooth function.

  1. Pair the headset with both the music player and the smartphone/mobile phone.
  2. Connect the headset with the music player.

    Operate the music player to establish a Bluetooth connection with the headset.

  3. Connect the headset to the smartphone/mobile phone.

    Operate the smartphone/mobile phone to establish a Bluetooth connection with the headset.


  • If the smartphone or mobile phone was connected with the headset last time, an HFP or HSP connection is automatically established when the headset is turned on, and in some cases an A2DP connection is simultaneously established. In that case, connect from step 2 after disconnecting via smartphone/mobile phone operations.