No sound

  • Check that both the headset and the connected device (i.e., smartphone) are turned on.
  • When playing music, check that the headset and the transmitting Bluetooth device are connected via an A2DP Bluetooth connection.
  • When using a video calling application on a computer, check that the headset and the computer are connected via an HFP or HSP Bluetooth connection.
    Depending on the video calling application you are using, microphone settings may not be available. In that case, disable Speak-to-Chat.
  • Turn up the volume if it is too low.
  • Check that the connected device is playing back.
  • If you are connecting a computer to the headset, make sure the audio output setting of the computer is set for a Bluetooth device.
  • Pair the headset and the Bluetooth device again.
  • Check that the headphone cable is connected firmly.
  • When Speak-to-Chat is enabled, the Speak-to-Chat mode may launch and respond to the audio (in particular, recordings of conversations in foreign language study materials) that is playing even when the headset is not being worn. In this case, use the headset buttons or touch panel to exit the Speak-to-Chat mode.
  • Reset the headset.
  • Charge the headset. Check if the sound is output from the headset after charging.
  • Initialize the headset, and pair the headset and the device again.