How to use the Quick Navi screen

The Quick Navi screen is a function optimized for shooting with the viewfinder, that lets you control settings directly.

  1. MENU(Camera Settings2) → [DISP Button][Monitor][For viewfinder], then select [Enter].
  2. Press the DISP button to set the screen mode to [For viewfinder].
  3. Press the Fn button to switch to the Quick Navi screen.
    • The displayed contents and their positions in the illustrations are just guidelines, and may differ from the actual displays.

    Auto mode

    P/A/S/M/Sweep Panorama mode

  4. Select a function to set by pressing the multi-selector up/down/left/right.
  5. Select the desired setting by turning the front dial.
    • Some functions can be fine-tuned using the rear dial.

To adjust settings from the dedicated setting screens

Select the desired function in step 4, then press the center of the multi-selector. The dedicated setting screen for the function will appear. Follow the operating guide (A) to adjust settings.


  • Items that are gray on the Quick Navi screen are not adjustable.
  • When using [Creative Style], some settings can only be controlled from the dedicated screen.