Wireless flash shooting

There are two ways to use the wireless flash. One way uses a light signal and the other uses a radio signal to communicate with the flash. The flash attached to the camera must be the controller in light signal flash shooting and a Wireless Radio Commander (sold separately) is required for radio signal wireless flash shooting. For details on how to set each method, refer to the instruction manual of the flash or the Wireless Radio Commander.
  1. Remove the shoe cap from the camera, and then attach the flash or the Wireless Radio Commander.
    • In light signal wireless flash shooting, set the attached flash as the controller.
  2. MENU (Camera Settings1) → [Flash Mode][Wireless].
  3. Set up an off-camera flash that is set to wireless mode, or that is attached to the Wireless Radio Receiver (sold separately).
    • Press the AEL button on the camera to perform a test flashing.

Setting of the AEL button

We recommend that you set MENU (Camera Settings2)[Custom Key(Shoot.)][AEL Button] to [AEL hold] when performing wireless flash shooting.


  • The off-camera flash may emit light after receiving a light signal from a flash used as the controller of another camera. If this occurs, change the channel of your flash. For details on how to change the channel, refer to the instruction manual for the flash.
  • Two flashes (a controller and an off-camera flash) are required for light signal wireless flash shooting.
  • HVL-F20M can only be used as the controller.