Controlling the camera using an Android smartphone (SSID)

You can control this product using your smartphone by connecting your smartphone to the camera using the SSID and password.
Set [Ctrl w/ Smartphone] to [On] beforehand by selecting MENU (Wireless)[Ctrl w/ Smartphone].

  1. MENU (Wireless)[Ctrl w/ Smartphone][Connection Info.].
    QR code is displayed on the monitor of this product.
  2. Press the (Delete) button of this product.
    This product's SSID and password are displayed on the monitor of this product.

  3. Launch PlayMemories Mobile on your smartphone.
  4. Select the model name of this product (DIRECT-xxxx: xxxx).

  5. Input the password that is displayed on this product.

    The smartphone is connected to the product.
    • You can shoot an image using remote control while checking the composition of the image on the smartphone screen.


  • Radio wave interference may occur as Bluetooth communications and Wi-Fi communications use the same frequency band. If your Wi-Fi connection is unstable, it may be improved by turning off the Bluetooth function of the smartphone. If you do this, the location information interlocking function is not available.