APS-C/Super 35mm

Sets whether to record in APS-C-equivalent size for still images and in Super 35mm-equivalent size for movies. If you select [On] or [Auto], you can use an APS-C size dedicated lens on this product.

  1. MENU (Camera Settings1)[APS-C/Super 35mm] → desired setting.

Menu item details

Records in either APS-C-equivalent size or Super 35mm-equivalent size.
Automatically sets the capture range depending on the lens.
Always captures 35mm full-size image sensor pictures.


  • When you attach an APS-C compatible lens and set [APS-C/Super 35mm] to [Off], shooting may fail.
  • When you set [APS-C/Super 35mm] to [On], the angle of view will be the same as when shooting with an APS-C size image sensor.