Anti-flicker Shoot. (still image)

Detects flickering/blinking from artificial light sources such as fluorescent lighting and times the shooting of images to moments when flickering will have less of an impact.

This function reduces differences in the exposure and color tone caused by flickering between the upper area and the lower area of an image shot with fast shutter speed and during continuous shooting.

  1. MENU (Camera Settings1) → [Anti-flicker Shoot.][On].
  2. Press the shutter button halfway down, and then shoot the image.
    • The product detects flickering when the shutter button is pressed halfway down.

Menu item details

Does not reduce influences caused by flickering.
Reduces influences caused by flickering. When the camera detects flickering while the shutter button is pressed halfway down, (flicker icon) will be displayed.


  • Influences caused by flickering may be reduced and (flicker icon) will not be displayed in the following shooting modes:
    • [Intelligent Auto]
  • The color tone of the shot result may vary when you shoot the same scene using a different shutter speed. If that happens, we recommend that you shoot in [Shutter Priority] or [Manual Exposure] mode with a fixed shutter speed.
  • You can perform anti-flicker shooting by pressing the shutter button halfway down even when in manual focus mode.


  • The shutter release lag may increase slightly. In continuous shooting mode, the shooting speed may slow down or the interval between each shot may become unequal.
  • The camera detects flickering when the frequency of the light source is 100 Hz or 120 Hz only.
  • The camera cannot detect flickering depending on the light source and shooting conditions, such as a dark background.
  • Even if the camera detects flickering, the influences caused by flickering may not be reduced enough depending on the light source or the shooting situation. We recommend that you take test shots beforehand.
  • [Anti-flicker Shoot.] is not available when shooting in the following situations:
    • While bulb shooting
    • Movie shooting mode
    • When [Priority Set in AF-S] or [Priority Set in AF-C] is set to [Release]/[Balanced Emphasis] and the shutter button is fully pressed without first being pressed halfway down.
    • When shooting an image without pressing the shutter button halfway down in manual focus mode
  • The color tone of the shot results may differ depending on the setting of [Anti-flicker Shoot.].