Selectable AF Area

Although this product can focus using 399 focus points at maximum, you can also limit the available focus points manually.

  1. MENU (Camera Settings1) → [Selectable AF Area] → desired setting.

Menu item details

The number of focus points used for focusing are set automatically depending on the lens or shooting mode. Uses all 399 focus points at maximum.
Only Cross-Type AF:
Limits available 79 focus points at a maximum in the cross-type AF area.

The number of focus points depending on the lens

The number of focus points will be limited when the following lenses are attached.

Lens: SAL75300, SAL1118, SAL55200, SAL1855, SAL18552, SAL55200-2, SAL30M28, SAL55300
The number of focus points: 61 points
Lens: SAL500F80
The number of focus points: One single point at the center
[Only Cross-Type AF] cannot be set.
  • This information is current as of the day the model was released. Some of the lenses above are not available in some countries or regions.


  • We recommend that you set the camera to [Only Cross-Type AF] in the following situations:
    • When you want to prevent the number of focus points from changing automatically depending on the lens you attach
    • When focusing is difficult at the surrounding points
    • When you want to select a focus area quickly by limiting the available focus points


  • If you attach a lens that does not support Hybrid Phase Detection AF, or [AF System] is set to [Ddc Phase AF Only], a focus area that does not perform cross-type detection will also be used even when [Selectable AF Area] is set to [Only Cross-Type AF].
  • When the shooting mode is set to (Movie/S&Q Motion), [AF System] is locked to [Ddc Phase AF Only]. The number of focus points is limited to 61.