Manual Focus

When it is difficult to focus properly in the autofocus mode, you can adjust the focus manually.

  1. Set the focus mode switch on the lens to “MF.”
    • With an SSM lens or an SAM lens that supports DMF (Direct Manual Focus)*, you can switch the focus mode to the manual focus mode by operating the camera, even when the focus mode switch on the lens is in the “AF” position.
      * SAL18135 only (as of the day this camera was released)
  2. If the lens does not have a focus mode switch, select MENU (Camera Settings1) → [Focus Mode][Manual Focus].
    • If [Focus Mode] has been assigned to the front multi-controller, you can also change the setting by operating the front multi-controller.
  3. Rotate the focusing ring to achieve sharp focus.

  4. Press the shutter button fully down to shoot an image.


  • When you use the viewfinder, adjust the diopter level to obtain the correct focus on the viewfinder.