Controlling the camera using an Android smartphone (QR code)

You can control this product using your smartphone by connecting your smartphone to the camera using the QR code.
Set [Ctrl w/ Smartphone] to [On] beforehand by selecting MENU (Wireless)[Ctrl w/ Smartphone].

  1. MENU (Wireless)[Ctrl w/ Smartphone][Connection Info.].
    QR code (A) and the SSID (B) are displayed on the monitor of this product.

  2. Launch PlayMemories Mobile on your smartphone and select [Scan QR Code of the Camera].

  3. Select [OK] on the smartphone screen.
    • When a message is displayed, select [OK] again.

  4. Read the QR code displayed on the monitor of this product with the smartphone.
    Once the QR code has been read, a message [Connect with the camera?] will be displayed on the monitor of the smartphone.
  5. Select [OK] on the smartphone screen.
    The smartphone is connected to the product.
    • You can shoot an image using remote control while checking the composition of the image on the smartphone screen.


  • Once the QR code has been read, this product's SSID (DIRECT-xxxx) and password are registered to the smartphone. This enables you to easily connect the smartphone to the product via Wi-Fi at a later date by selecting the SSID. (Set [Ctrl w/ Smartphone] to [On] in advance.)


  • Radio wave interference may occur as Bluetooth communications and Wi-Fi communications use the same frequency band. If your Wi-Fi connection is unstable, it may be improved by turning off the Bluetooth function of the smartphone. If you do this, the location information interlocking function is not available.
  • If you cannot connect your device to this product using the [One-touch(NFC)] function or QR code, use the SSID and password.