Flash control

Sets the method for determining the intensity of flash output.

  1. MENU (Camera Settings1) → [Flash control] → desired setting.

Menu item details

ADI flash:
The camera's flash control uses the focus distance information and brightness value of the subject when the pre-flash is reflected.
This gives precise flash control without hardly being affected by the reflective level of the subject.
Pre-flash TTL:
The camera's flash control uses the brightness value of the subject when the pre-flash is reflected. If this setting is used, the camera's ability to precisely measure the flash light may be affected by reflections from the subject.

ADI: Advanced Distance Integration
P-TTL: Pre-flash, Through the lens


  • When the distance between the subject and flash is not fixed (such as when shooting with wireless flash using an external flash (sold separately) or in off-camera shooting using a cable, or when using a macro twin flash), or when an external flash (sold separately) is set to bounce, [Flash control] is automatically set to [Pre-flash TTL]. It may be automatically set to [Pre-flash TTL] depending on other shooting conditions as well.
  • Set [Flash control] to [Pre-flash TTL] in the following situations because the product cannot get proper flash information using [ADI flash].
    • When a wide panel is attached to the flash HVL-F36AM
    • When shooting using a flash diffuser
    • When using filters that affect the exposure factor (such as ND filters)
    • When using close-up lenses
  • ADI flash can be used in combination with a lens distance encoder. To confirm if your lens is equipped with a distance encoder, check the main specifications of the operation manual for your lens.
  • [Flash control] cannot be set in [Sweep Panorama] mode.