Aperture Drive in AF (still image)

Changes the aperture drive system to prioritize the auto-focusing tracking performance or to prioritize silence (only when using a compatible lens).
This function can be used when the camera's system software (firmware) is Ver. 3.10 or later.

  1. MENU(Camera Settings1) → [Aperture Drive in AF] → desired setting.

Menu item details

Uses the standard aperture drive system.
Focus Priority:
Changes the aperture drive system to prioritize auto-focusing performance. During continuous shooting using the electronic shutter, the [Focus Priority] setting allows you to continuously adjust the focus with an F-value greater than F11.
Silent Priority :
Changes the aperture drive system to prioritize silence so that the sound from the aperture drive is quieter than in [Standard].


  • When [Focus Priority] is selected during continuous shooting, sound from the aperture drive may be audible, shooting may become slower, or the display may flicker. To avoid these phenomena, change the setting to [Standard].
  • When [ Silent Priority ] is selected, the focusing speed may become slower, and it may be more difficult to focus on a subject.
  • The focus is locked to the setting in the first shot when [Aperture Drive in AF] is set to [Standard] or [ Silent Priority ], and the F-value is greater than F11.
  • If [Shutter Type] is set to [Mechanical Shut.], [Focus Priority] cannot be selected.
  • During single-shot shooting with [Shutter Type] set to [Auto], the aperture is driven by the [Standard] system even when [Focus Priority] is selected.
  • [Aperture Drive in AF] is unavailable when using a lens incompatible with this function.