Recording with an external microphone

You can connect an external microphone to your IC recorder and use it for recording.

  1. While no IC recorder operations are in progress, connect an external microphone () to the (microphone) jack.

    Ext. Input Setting” appears on the display window. If not, use the OPTION menu to select “MIC IN” for “Ext. Input Setting.” [Details]
  2. Press or to select “MIC IN,” and then press .
  3. Press souni_recREC/PAUSE to start recording.

    The built-in microphones are disabled and audio via the external microphone is recorded.

    If the input audio volume is not loud enough, select “Ext. Input Setting” - “MIC IN” - “Sensitivity setting” from the OPTION menu to change the sensitivity level of the external microphone. [Details]

    When a plug in power type microphone is connected, power is automatically supplied to the microphone from the IC recorder.