Assigning FM radio stations automatically to the preset numbers (Auto Preset) (ICD-UX560F / ICD-UX565F only)

You can automatically assign up to 30 available FM radio stations to the preset numbers.

The cord of headphones (not supplied) works as an FM radio antenna for your IC recorder. For better signal reception, we recommend you connect headphones to the (headphones) jack on the IC recorder and extend the cord as far as it can go.

  1. Select “ FM Radio” on the HOME menu, and then press to turn on the FM radio function.
  2. Select “Auto Preset” on the OPTION menu, and then press .

    Preset will be overwritten Execute?” appears on the display window.

  3. Press or to select “Yes,” and then press .

    Your IC recorder automatically scans for available FM radio stations and assigns them to the preset numbers, starting from the station that uses the lowest radio frequency.

    During automatic assignments, the target preset number flashes to indicate that an assignment is in progress.


  • If some preset numbers are already assigned, automatic assignments overwrite those preset number assignments.


  • To cancel the automatic assignment process, select “No” in step 3, and then press .