Using the recording delay function

You can set your IC recorder to start recording automatically when the specified period of time expires.

  1. While recording is on standby, select “Recording Delay” on the OPTION menu, and then press .

  2. Press or to select the desired period of time, and then press .

    You can select from “15sec” to “60min.”

    The countdown screen is displayed.

    When the specified period of time expires, recording starts.


  • During the countdown, OPTION, T-MARK, , souni_stopSTOP, , , and are disabled.
  • During the countdown, if you turn the power off or the time period specified for the sleep timer expires, your IC recorder will turn off.
  • During the countdown, your IC recorder does not turn off even when the period of time specified for the Auto Power Off function [Details] expires.


  • To cancel the recording delay function setup process, press BACK/HOME during the countdown, press or to select “Yes”, and then .
  • If you press souni_recREC/PAUSE during the countdown, the recording delay function is cancelled, and recording starts.