While recording FM radio broadcasts (ICD-UX560F / ICD-UX565F only)

The following describes the display window while recording of FM radio broadcasts is in progress.


  • The above screen is provided for explanatory purposes. It may look different from what you actually see on your IC recorder.
  1. FM indicator

    Indicates that you are listening to the FM radio.

  2. Preset number
  3. Radio frequency
  4. Track mark number

    Indicates the track mark number, if added, of the current playback point.

  5. Remaining recording time

    Indicates the remaining time available for recording in hours, minutes, and seconds.

    10 hours or more: no indication

    10 minutes to 10 hours: indicated in hours and minutes

    Less than 10 minuets: indicated in minutes and seconds

  6. Sleep timer indicator

    Indicates that the sleep timer function is turned on.

  7. REC Mode

    Indicates the recording mode that is currently selected.

    , , : MP3 file

    You cannot record FM radio broadcasts to LPCM files.

  8. Elapsed time

    Indicates the elapsed time of the current recording.