Adding a track mark

You can add a track mark at a point where you want to divide a file later or you want to locate during playback. You can add a maximum of 98 track marks to a single file.

  1. While recording is in progress or paused, or while playback is in progress or on standby, press T-MARK at the point you want to add a track mark.

    The (track mark) indicator flashes three times, and a track mark is added.


  • You cannot add track marks to a protected file. To add track marks to a protected file, remove protection from the file first, then add track marks. For instructions on protecting a file, see Protecting a file.


  • To locate a track mark and start playback at the track mark, press or while playback is on standby or in progress. When the (Track mark) indicator flashes once, press .
  • You can add track marks while your IC recorder is in the transcription playback mode.
  • With the HOME menu on the display window, you can still add a track mark by pressing T-MARK while:

    • recording is in progress or paused.
    • playback is in progress or on standby.
  • Although you can assign a name to track marks with Sound Organizer 2, your IC recorder is only capable of displaying up to 16 characters from the beginning of the track mark names.