Formatting the memory (Format Built-In Memory/Format SD Card)

You can format either the built-in memory of your IC card or the microSD card. Formatting the built-in memory will delete all of the stored data and restore the original folder structure at your purchase.

  1. While recording or playback is on standby, select “ Settings” - “Common Settings” - “Reset/Format” - “Format Built-In Memory” or “Format SD Card” from the HOME menu, and then press .

    Delete All Data?” appears.

  2. Press or to select “Yes,” and then press .
    The “Please Wait” animation appears and the selected memory will be formatted.
  3. Press and hold BACK/HOME to return to the HOME menu.
    To return to the screen before you displayed the HOME menu, press souni_stopSTOP.


  • Be sure to use your IC recorder, not a computer, to format the microSD card that you intend to use on the IC recorder.

  • Be aware that formatting the built-in memory will delete all of the stored data, including protected files and Sound Organizer 2, and you will not be able to restore anything after the formatting process.


  • To cancel the formatting process, select “No” in step 2.