Parts and controls

  1. Operation indicator

  2. Built-in microphones (stereo) (L)

  3. Built-in microphones (stereo) (R)

  4. Display window

  5. souni_recREC/PAUSE (record/pause) button

  6. souni_stopSTOP button

  7. Control button (DPC (Digital Pitch Control), iG060A-B (repeat A-B)/ (review/fast backward), (cue/fast forward))

  8. (play/enter) button (*1)

  9. BACK/HOME button
  10. T-MARK (track mark) button

  11. OPTION button

  12. Strap hole (No strap is supplied with your IC recorder.)

  13. Built-in speaker

  14. USB connector cover (You can find the USB connector retracted behind the cover.)
  15. (headphones) jack

  16. (microphone) jack (*1)

  17. POWER・HOLD switch (*2)

  18. VOLUME (volume –/+) button (*1)

  19. USB slide lever

  20. Slot cover
  21. microSD card slot (The card slot is located under the cover.)

*1 A tactile dot is provided. Use the tactile dot as a reference when operating the IC recorder.

*2 Sliding the POWER・HOLD switch to “POWER” and holding it for 8 seconds or longer restarts your IC recorder. See Restarting the IC recorder for more information.