Bracket Settings

You can set the type of bracket or the self-timer in bracket shooting mode, and the shooting order for exposure bracketing or white balance bracketing.

  1. Select (Bracket) by turning the drive mode dial.
    • Turn the drive mode dial while holding down the drive mode dial lock release button.
  2. MENU(Camera Settings1) → [Bracket Settings] → desired setting.

Menu item details

Bracket Type:
Sets the type of bracket shooting.
(Cont. Bracket/Single Bracket/WB bracket/DRO Bracket)
Selftimer during Bracket:
Sets whether to use the self-timer during bracket shooting. Also sets the number of seconds until the shutter is released if using the self-timer.
(OFF/2 Sec/5 Sec/10 Sec)
Bracket order:
Sets the order of exposure bracketing and white balance bracketing.