Customization features of the camera

The camera has various customization features such as registration of functions and shooting settings to custom keys. You can combine your preferred settings to customize the camera for easier operation.

For details on how to configure the settings and use them, refer to the page for each function.

To assign frequently used functions to buttons ( Custom Key/ Custom Key/ Custom Key)

You can change the functions of the buttons including the Custom Buttons (C1 to C4) according to your preferences. It is recommended that you assign frequently used functions to easily operable buttons so that you can call up the assigned functions simply by pressing the corresponding button.

To register frequently used functions to the Fn button (Function menu)

If you register functions frequently used in the shooting mode to the Function menu, you can display the registered functions on the screen simply by pressing the Fn (Function) button. On the Function menu screen, you can recall the function you want to use by selecting the icons.

Function menu

To combine frequently used functions on the menu screen ( My Menu)

If you combine the frequently used items from menus such as the shooting, playback, and network menu on the “My Menu” screen, you can quickly access the desired menu items.

To assign different functions to the dial and switch the function of the dial ( My Dial Settings )

You can assign the desired functions to the front/rear dial and the control wheel, and register up to three combinations of settings to the camera as “My Dial 1 - 3” settings.

Example: In the case of models with a front/rear dial

To change the shooting settings quickly according to the scene ( / Memory)

You can register the appropriate shooting settings* for scene to the camera or a memory card, and call up the settings easily by using the mode dial, etc.

* You cannot register custom key settings.

To save the customized camera settings to a memory card (Save/Load Settings)

You can save camera settings* to a memory card using [Save/Load Settings]. This function is useful when you want to back up the settings, or to import the settings to another camera of the same model, etc.

* Some settings cannot be saved on a memory card.