File/Folder Settings (still image)

Sets file names for still images to be shot, and specifies folders for storing the shot still images.

  1. MENU → (Setup) → [File/Folder Settings] → desired setting.

Menu item details

File Number:
You can set how to assign file numbers to still images.
[Series]: Does not reset file numbers for each folder.
[Reset]: Resets file numbers for each folder.
Forced File No. Reset:
Resets the still image file number and creates a new folder.
Set File Name:
You can specify the first three characters of the file name.
Folder Name:
You can set how folder names are assigned.
[Standard Form]: Folders are named as “folder number + MSDCF”.
Example: 100MSDCF
[Date Form]: Folders are named as “folder number + Y (the last digit of the year)/MM/DD”.
Example: 10090405 (Folder number: 100; date: 04/05/2019)


  • The settings for [File Number] and [Set File Name] are applied to both Slot 1 and Slot 2.
  • When [File Number] is set to [Series], file numbers will be assigned sequentially across the memory cards in the slots even if you change the [Prioritize Rec. Media] setting.


  • Only capital letters, numbers, and underscores can be used for [Set File Name]. Underscores cannot be used for the first character.
  • The three characters specified using [Set File Name] are only applied to files recorded after the setting is made.