Shutter Type (still image)

You can set whether to shoot with a mechanical shutter or an electronic shutter.

  1. MENU→ (Camera Settings2)→[Shutter Type]→desired setting.

Menu item details

The shutter type is automatically switched based on the shooting conditions and shutter speed.
Mechanical Shutter:
Shoot with the mechanical shutter only.
Electronic Shutter:
Shoot with the electronic shutter only.


  • In the following situations, set the [Shutter Type] to [Auto] or [Electronic Shutter].
    • When shooting with a high-speed shutter in a bright environment such as outside in bright sunlight, the beach, or snowy mountains.
    • When you want to increase the speed of continuous shooting.


  • In rare cases, the shutter sound may be produced when the power is turned off even if the [Shutter Type] is set to [Electronic Shutter]. However, this is not a malfunction.
  • In the following situations, the mechanical shutter will be activated even if the [Shutter Type] is set to [Electronic Shutter].
    • When capturing a standard white color for the custom white balance
    • [Face Registration]
  • The following functions are unavailable when the [Shutter Type] is set to [Electronic Shutter].
    • Flash shooting
    • Long Exposure NR
    • Bulb shooting