Save/Load Settings

You can save/load camera settings to/from a memory card. You can also load settings from another camera of the same model.

  1. MENU → (Setup) → [Save/Load Settings] → desired item.

Menu item details

Saves the current settings of this camera to a memory card.
Loads the settings from a memory card to this camera.
Deletes the settings saved on a memory card.

Settings that cannot be saved

The following setting parameters cannot be saved using the [Save/Load Settings] function. (Menu items without setting parameters, such as, [Focus Magnifier], are not listed.)

Camera Settings1
AF Micro Adj.
White Balance: Custom 1/Custom 2/Custom 3
Face Registration

Camera Settings2

FTP Transfer Func. *
Wi-Fi Settings
Wired LAN Setting
Edit Device Name
Import Root Certificate

* You can save or load settings under [FTP Transfer Func.] by selecting MENU → (Network) → [FTP Transfer Func.][Save/Load FTP Settings]. For details, refer to the “FTP Help Guide.”

View Mode

Date/Time Setup
Area Setting
IPTC Information
Copyright Info


  • You can save up to 10 settings per memory card. When 10 settings have been already saved, you cannot perform [Save New]. Delete the existing settings using [Delete], or overwrite them.
  • Only Slot 1 is used for saving or loading data. You cannot change the saving/loading destination slot.
  • You cannot load settings from a camera of a different model.
  • You can use this function to save settings registered to [ / Memory]. However, [Save/Load Settings] is unavailable when the mode dial is set to 1/2/3 (Memory recall). Set the mode dial to a position other than 1/2/3 before using this function.