RAW File Type

still image

Selects the file type for RAW images.

  1. MENU (Shooting) → [Image Quality/Rec][RAW File Type] → desired setting.

Menu item details

Records images in uncompressed RAW format. When [Uncompressed] is selected for [RAW File Type], the file size of the image will be larger than if it were recorded in [Lossless Comp] or [Compressed].
Lossless Comp (L)/Lossless Comp (M)/Lossless Comp (S):
Records images in lossless compression format with high compression ratio without deterioration of image quality*. The file size of the image will be smaller than if it were recorded in [Uncompressed].
  • You can select L/M/S as the image size. The number of pixels after development using a Sony application is the same as the L/M/S size for JPEG/HEIF images.
  • The L size can be selected only when shooting in full frame. When shooting in the M or S size, the pixel number does not change for full-frame shooting or APS-C-size shooting.

* The M size and S size reduce the image size, so the image resolution will be lower than that of the L size.

Records images in compressed RAW format. The file size of the image will be approximately half of that with [Uncompressed].


  • Icons for RAW file type are displayed as follows:
    • Uncompressed:
    • Lossless compression L/M/S:
    • Compressed:
  • The aspect ratio for RAW images will always be 3:2. When recording a RAW image and a JPEG or HEIF image at the same time, the JPEG or HEIF image will be recorded with the value set in [Aspect Ratio].