Importing images to the computer

You can import images from the camera to a computer by connecting the camera to the computer with a commercially available USB cable, or by inserting the memory card of the camera into the computer.

Open the folder in which the images you want to import are stored on the computer, and then copy the images to the computer.

Example: Folder tree during USB Mass Storage connection

DCIM: still images

CLIP: movies

SUB: proxy movies


  • Do not edit or otherwise process movie files/folders from the connected computer. Movie files may be damaged or become unplayable. Do not delete movies on the memory card from the computer. Sony is not held liable for consequences resulting from such operations via the computer.
  • If you delete images or perform other operations from the connected computer, the image database file may become inconsistent. In this case, repair the image database file.
  • The folder tree is different during MTP connection.