Bright Monitoring

still image, movie, slow&quick motion

Allows you to adjust the composition when shooting in dark environments. By extending the exposure time, you can check the composition on the monitor even in dark locations such as under the night sky.

  1. MENU (Setup) → [Operation Customize][Custom Key Setting] → assign the [Bright Monitoring] function to the desired key.
  2. In a still image shooting mode, press the key to which you assigned the [Bright Monitoring] function, and then shoot an image.
    • The brightness due to [Bright Monitoring] will continue after shooting.
    • To return the monitor brightness to normal, press the key to which you assigned the [Bright Monitoring] function once again.


  • During [Bright Monitoring], [Live View Display] will automatically switch to [Setting Effect OFF], and setting values such as exposure compensation will not be reflected in the live view display. It is recommended that you use [Bright Monitoring] only in dark locations.
  • [Bright Monitoring] will be automatically canceled in the following situations.
    • When the camera is turned off.
    • When the shooting mode is changed from P/A/S/M to a mode that is not P/A/S/M.
    • When the focus mode is set to other than manual focus.
    • When [Auto Magnifier in MF] is executed.
    • When [Focus Magnifier] is selected.
  • During [Bright Monitoring], the shutter speed may be slower than normal while shooting in dark locations. Also, because the measured brightness range is expanded, the exposure may change.