Self-timer (movie)

movie, slow&quick motion

You can start shooting with the self-timer when recording a movie.

  1. Press (Drive Mode) of the control wheel.
    The [Self-timer] setting screen will be displayed.
    • You can also set the drive mode by selecting MENU → (Shooting)[Shooting Option][Self-timer].
  2. Select [On] using the control wheel and set the desired countdown time.
    • Rec Start delay: Sets the count time until the start of movie recording. (3 s/5 s/10 s)

    • Repetition: Sets whether to repeat the movie self-timer. (Repeat/Only Once)

      If you select [Repeat], the movie self-timer will be activated repeatedly even after movie recording is completed. If you select [Only Once], the movie self-timer will be canceled after movie recording is completed, and the camera will return to the normal movie recording standby mode.

  3. Adjust the focus and press the shutter/MOVIE (movie) button.
    A countdown will appear on the recording standby screen, and recording starts after the designated number of seconds has elapsed.
    • Press the shutter/MOVIE (movie) button again to end recording.

Menu item details

Uses the movie self-timer function.
Does not use the movie self-timer function.


  • To stop the self-timer countdown, press the button to which the [Self-timer] function is assigned.


  • If you start movie recording in a still image shooting mode, [Self-timer] will not work.