Focus Bracket

still image

Performs continuous shooting automatically while shifting the focus position. This function can be used to shoot images for depth-of-field composite images that are in focus at all points (focus stacking), or to select the optimum focus position from among multiple images.

  1. Select (Drive Mode) on the control wheel → [Focus Bracket].
    • You can also set the focus bracket by selecting MENU (Shooting) → [Drive Mode][Drive Mode].
  2. Press the right side of the control wheel and set [Step Width] and [Number of Shots].
    • Step Width: Selects the degree to which the focus is shifted within the range of 1 to 10. The higher the number, the more the focus will shift.
    • Number of Shots: Sets the number of shots taken with one release within the range of 2 to 299 for each position.
  3. Point the cursor at the ones place of the number of shots and press the right side of the control wheel to open [Focus Bracket Settings]. Then select [Focus Bracket Order].
    • [0→+]: Shifts the focus from the current focus position toward infinity. When the focus reaches infinity, shooting ends even if the set number of shots has not been reached.
    • [0→-→+]: Takes three images in the order of the current focus position, front focus, and rear focus. At this time, the number of shots set in Step 2 becomes invalid.
    • You can also set [Focus Bracket Order] from [Drive Mode][Bracket Settings][Focus Bracket Settings][Focus Bracket Order].
  4. Press down the shutter button to shoot.


  • The [Step Width] value is a relative value, and the focus interval varies depending on shooting conditions such as the aperture of the lens and the initial focus position. It is recommended that you take a test shot to find the appropriate focus width.
  • [Shooting Interval], [Exposure Smoothing], and [Focus Brckt Saving Dest] for the focus bracket can be set from [Bracket Settings].


  • If the camera or lens moves while shooting with the focus bracket, focus stacking may not be successful. Keep the camera secured when shooting for focus stacking.