Enlarge Screen

You can enlarge the menu screen display. (Some menu screens do not support the enlarging function.)

  1. MENU (Setup) → [Accessibility][Enlarge Screen] → desired setting item, and then select the desired item.

Menu item details

Enlarge Menu Scrn:
Sets whether or not to use the function to enlarge the screen display. ([On ( Button)]/[Off])
When you select [On ( Button)], the screen display is enlarged by pressing the (Enlarge) button.
Sets the magnification to use for the function to enlarge the screen display. ([x1.5]/[x2.0]/[x2.5])

To magnify the menu screen display

On the menu screen, press the button specified in [Enlarge Menu Scrn] to magnify the screen display.

  • Each time you press the button, the magnification scale changes.
  • To cancel the magnified display, press the button repeatedly until the screen display is back to normal.


  • You can move between items using the control wheel even when the screen display is magnified. You can also confirm items using the center button.
  • You can also assign [Enlarge Menu Scrn] to some buttons using [Custom Key Setting]/[Custom Key Setting].