Cnct. while Power OFF (smartphone)

Even if the camera's power switch is turned off, as long as the camera is still receiving power, Bluetooth connection remains possible. When [Cnct. while Power OFF] is set to [On], you can browse images on the camera's memory card and transfer images from the camera to a smartphone by operating the smartphone.

  1. MENU (Network) → [Cnct./PC Remote][Cnct. while Power OFF] → desired setting.

Menu Item Details

On :
Accepts Bluetooth connections from a smartphone while the camera is turned off.
Off :
Does not accept Bluetooth connections from a smartphone while the camera is turned off.

How to browse/transfer images on the smartphone

Refer to “Pairing the camera with a smartphone (Smartphone Connection) ” to pair the camera and smartphone in advance.

  1. Set [Cnct. while Power OFF] to [On].
  2. Turn off the ON/OFF (power) switch of the camera.
  3. Launch Creators' App on the smartphone.
  4. Select [View and Import] on the smartphone.
    • The images saved on the memory card of the camera can be viewed and are ready to be transferred.


  • If the smartphone is not operated for a certain period of time, the Bluetooth connection will become deactivated. Select [View and Import] again on the smartphone.
  • When the camera is turned on, the camera will switch to the shooting screen, and the connection with the smartphone will be terminated.
  • [Cnct. while Power OFF] will be set to [Off] if you cancel pairing between the camera and the smartphone or pairing fails.
  • If the function does not work properly, check the following notes and then try pairing again.
    • Ensure that the camera is either not connected to any other device or connected to only one device using Bluetooth communication. (Up to 2 devices can be connected to the camera at the same time.)
    • Confirm that [Airplane Mode] for the camera is set to [Off].
    • Delete the pairing information for the camera registered in the Bluetooth settings on your smartphone.
    • If the function does not work properly even after you have performed the above operations, delete the pairing information for the device that you want to connect using [Manage Paired Device] on the camera.