Example of using this product with a drone

By connecting a drone to the Power & Control terminal, USB Type-C terminal, and HDMI micro jack on this product, power supply from the drone to this product, mutual control, and monitoring are possible. Also, before operating this product from the drone, you can use a smartphone or other device to make basic settings and perform operations on this product.

Illustration of a connection example when using the camera mounted on a drone

  1. This product
  2. Drone
  3. Remote control for drone
  4. Smartphone/tablet
  5. Power & Control terminal
  6. HDMI micro jack
  7. USB Type-C terminal

Power supply
FOCUS (Command to focus the camera)
TRIGGER (Command to release the camera shutter)

EXPOSURE (Notification of shooting timing to the drone)

Live View (HDMI)

Camera control (USB)

Making camera settings/transferring photographed images using the application (Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connection)