Time-lapse Settings

movie, slow&quick motion

You can record movies by condensing changes over a period of time of up to several dozen minutes. Unlike quick-motion movie recording, you can set a shooting interval longer than 1 second. This enables you to record movies with a larger time compression ratio. When creating longer time-lapse movies, use the “ Interval Shoot Func. .”

Configure settings such as the recording frame rate and shooting interval in [Time-lapse Settings].

When shooting a time-lapse movie, set the Still/Movie/S&Q switch to S&Q, and select the shooting mode for time-lapse shooting from MENU(Shooting) → [Shooting Mode][ Shoot Mode].

  1. MENU (Shooting) → [Image Quality/Rec][Time-lapse Settings] → Select an item to set, and then select the desired setting.

Menu item details

Frame Rate Settings:

Sets the recording frame rate and shooting interval.

Rec Frame Rate: Sets the recording frame rate for a time-lapse movie. (60p/50p/30p*/25p*/24p)

* [30p]/[25p] cannot be selected when [File Format] is set to [XAVC HS 4K].

Interval Time: Sets the shooting interval for a time-lapse movie. (1 to 60 seconds)

  • For the first 10 seconds, the interval can be set in units of 1 second. For the 10th to 60th second, the interval can be set in units of 10 seconds.
  • When the file format is set to 4K, you cannot select a value of 6 seconds or longer.
  • The interval time is the interval from the start of exposure to the start of the next exposure, regardless of shutter speed.
Record Setting:

Selects the bit rate, color sampling, and bit depth of the movie.


  • At the end of the time-lapse movie, a normal-speed movie may be recorded for about 1 second.