List of default setting values (Exposure/Color)

The default setting values at the time of purchase are shown in the following table.

The content of the menu displayed on the screen differs depending on the position of the Still/Movie/S&Q switch. For details, refer to “MENU list.”

To reset settings to the default values

Select MENU (Setup) → [Reset/Save Settings] [Setting Reset] [Camera Settings Reset] or [Initialize] [Enter].

Initialize: All the settings of the camera will be reset to the default values.

Camera Settings Reset: Items that can be reset are limited. See the following table.

(Exposure/Color) tab

MENU item  Default setting value Resettable using [Camera Settings Reset]
BULB Timer Settings (BULB Timer) Off Can be reset
BULB Timer Settings (Exposure Time) 60 seconds Can be reset
Auto Slow Shutter On Can be reset
ISO ISO AUTO Can be reset
ISO Range Limit Not available
ISO AUTO Min. SS Standard Can be reset
Exposure Comp. ±0.0 Can be reset
Exposure step 0.3EV Not available
Exposure Std. Adjust ( Multi) ±0 Not available
Exposure Std. Adjust ( Center) ±0 Not available
Exposure Std. Adjust ( Spot) ±0 Not available
Exposure Std. Adjust ( Entire Screen Average) ±0 Not available
Exposure Std. Adjust ( Highlight) ±0 Not available
Metering Mode Multi Can be reset
Face Priority in Multi Metering On Can be reset
Spot Metering Point Center Can be reset
AEL w/ Shutter Auto Not available
White Balance Auto Can be reset
Priority Set in AWB Standard Can be reset
Shutter AWB Lock Off Not available
Shockless WB 1 (Fast) Can be reset
D-Range Optimizer D-Range Optimizer: Auto Can be reset
Creative Look ST Can be reset
Picture Profile Off Can be reset
Select LUT s709 Can be reset
Manage User LUTs Not available
Soft Skin Effect Off Can be reset