Enjoying sound in Zone 2

You can enjoy sound from the receiver in Zone 2 by the following procedure.

  1. Select [Zone Controls] - [Zone2 Power] - [On] from the home menu.
    Zone 2 is activated.
  2. Select the source signals you want to output in [Zone2 Input].
    Select [SOURCE] if you want to listen to the same sound as main zone in Zone 2.
  3. Start playback on the device connected appropriate input.
  4. Adjust to a suitable volume level in [Zone2 Volume].


  • You can also activate Zone 2 by pressing ZONE2 (power) on the remote control, or by pressing ZONE2 on the receiver.
  • After Zone 2 is activated, you can also select source signals using the input buttons on the receiver or adjust the volume level using MASTER VOLUME on the receiver while the display panel of the receiver is in one of the following states:
    • While [ZONE2 POWER ON] is displayed just after Zone 2 has been activated.
    • While displaying [ZONE2 INPUT xxxx (input name)] by pressing ZONE CONTROL on the receiver.

To exit Zone 2 operation

Select [Zone Controls] - [Zone2 Power] from the home menu, then select [Off].

Available input for Zone 2 operations

See “Available input sources for each zone.”