Installing 7.1.2-channel speaker system using front Dolby Atmos enabled speakers with an additional stereo power amplifier (for STR-ZA3100ES/STR-ZA2100ES)

This speaker installation is configured by adding front Dolby Atmos enabled speakers (*) to 7.1-channel speaker system consisting of standard 5.1-channel speaker system and additional surround back speakers placed on the listener-level. An additional stereo power amplifier is used for front Dolby Atmos enabled speakers.

* You can enjoy the exciting and powerful sound of the Dolby Atmos 3D content without installing overhead (top) speakers by using Dolby Atmos enabled speakers which reflect off the ceiling.


100° - 120°

Same angle


  • As the subwoofer does not emit highly directional signals, you can place it wherever you want.