Selectable sound fields and their effects

Sound field Display panel Explanation
2CH/DIRECT 2ch Stereo 2CH STEREO Plays back 2-channel audio signals without adding any surround effects. Monaural and multi-channel audio signals are output after being converted into a 2-channel signal.
This sound field is best suited for playing back audio signals as they are from two front speakers only, without adding any virtual surround effects.
The sound is output from the front left/right speakers only.
There is no sound from the subwoofer.
Direct DIRECT Plays back all audio signals without adding any surround effects.
A.F.D. Auto Format Decoding Auto Format Decoding (A.F.D.) Decodes and plays back audio signals using the optimal processing method according to the audio signal input.
MOVIE Dolby Surround DOLBY SURROUND Dolby Surround upmixer expands traditional audio content for playback through any multi-channel speaker configuration, including height speakers.
This upmixer is a new and enhanced replacement for the popular Dolby Pro Logic II technology.
Neural:X NEURAL:X Neural:X remaps stereo, 5.1, and 7.1 movies and music to match your speaker layout.
MULTI ST. Multi Stereo MULTI STEREO Outputs sound from all connected speakers.
When 2-channel or monaural audio signals are input, the receiver outputs sound from all speakers without adding any surround effects.
When multi-channel audio signals are input, sound may not be output from certain speakers depending on the speaker settings or playback content.


  • Dolby Atmos is decoded as Dolby TrueHD or Dolby Digital Plus when [Direct], [2ch Stereo] or [Neural:X] is being used.