Beauty Effect

Allows you to apply the Beauty Effect to retouch the still image of a person and make it look better, for example, by retouching it for smoother skin, larger eyes, and whiter teeth. You can set the effects from level 1 to level 5. An image on which the Beauty Effect is used is saved as a new file. The original image is retained as it is.

  1. MENU (Playback) → [Beauty Effect].
  2. Select the face for which you want to use the Beauty Effect.
  3. Select the desired effect, and adjust the retouching level using the control wheel.
    (Skin Toning):
    Adjusts the skin color as you like.
    1. Select the base skin color using up/down, and then press the center.
    2. Adjust the color tone using up/down.
    (Skin Smoothing):
    Removes age spots and wrinkles from the skin.
    Adjust the effect level using up/down.
    (Shine Removal):
    Reduces the look of oily skin. Adjusts the skin color as you like.
    Adjust the effect level using up/down.
    (Eye Widening):
    Enlarges the eyes of the subject. Adjust the size of the eyes using up/down.
    (Teeth Whitening):
    Whiten the teeth of the subject. You may not be able to whiten the teeth in some images.
    Adjust the whiteness of the teeth using up/down.

    To apply two or more effects consecutively using [Beauty Effect], first apply one effect to the image, and then select another effect using left/right.


  • You cannot use [Beauty Effect] for the following images:
    • Panoramic images
    • Movies
    • RAW images
  • You cannot use the Beauty Effect on an extremely small facial image.
  • To use the Beauty Effect on two or more faces, select the same image again after the effect has been applied once, and then use the effect on another face.
  • The [Beauty Effect] may not work properly for some images.