File Format (movie)

Selects the movie file format.

  1. MENU(Camera Settings2) → [File Format] → desired setting.

Menu item details

Parameter Description What you can do using PlayMemories Home
XAVC S 4K Records movies in 4K resolution (3840×2160). You can save movies on a computer.
XAVC S HD Records movies in crisper quality than AVCHD with larger amounts of data. You can save movies on a computer.
AVCHD The AVCHD format has a high degree of compatibility with storage devices other than computers. You can save movies on a computer or create an AVCHD media.


  • When recording XAVC S 4K or XAVC S HD movies in 120p/100p, the amount of time available for continuous recording is approximately 5 minutes. The remaining time for movie recording is displayed on the monitor. However, when [Auto Power OFF Temp.] is set to [High], you can record movies continuously for over 5 minutes. If you want to record another session of 4K or HD 120p/100p movie shooting, turn off the camera and wait for some time before you start the next session of shooting. Even if the recording time was less than 5 minutes, recording may stop to protect the camera, depending on the temperature of the shooting environment.
  • When [File Format] is set to [AVCHD], the file size of movies is limited to approx. 2 GB. If the movie file size reaches approx. 2 GB during recording, a new movie file will be created automatically.