Sweep Panorama

Allows you to create a single panoramic image from multiple images shot while panning the camera.

  1. MODE (Mode) button → [Sweep Panorama] → press the center of the control wheel.
    • You can also set the shooting mode by selecting MENU (Camera Settings1) → [Shoot Mode].
  2. Point the camera at the subject.
  3. While pressing the shutter button halfway down, aim the camera at one end of the desired panoramic composition.
    • You can change the shooting direction prior to shooting using the control wheel.

    (A) This part will not be shot.
  4. Press the shutter button fully down.
  5. Pan the camera to the end of the guide in the direction of the arrow on the monitor.

    (B) Guidance bar


  • If the entire angle of the panoramic shot is not achieved within the set time, a gray area occurs in the composite image. If this happens, move the product faster to record the full panoramic image.
  • When [Wide] is selected for [Panorama: Size], the entire angle of the panoramic shot may not be achieved within the given time. If this happens, try shooting after changing [Panorama: Size] to [Standard].
  • Since several images are stitched together, the stitched part may not be recorded smoothly in some cases.
  • When a light source such as a fluorescent light flickers, the brightness and color of a stitched image may not be consistent.
  • When the whole angle of panoramic shooting and the AE/AF locked angle are very different in brightness and focus, the shooting may not be successful. If this happens, change AE/AF locked angle and shoot again.
  • The following situations are not suited for shooting Sweep Panorama:
    • Moving subjects.
    • Subjects that are too close to the product.
    • Subjects with continuously similar patterns, such as the sky, beach, or a lawn.
    • Subjects with constant change such as waves or water falls.
    • Subjects with brightness widely different from its surroundings such as the sun or a light bulb.
  • The Sweep Panorama shooting may be interrupted in the following situations:
    • When the camera is panned too fast or too slow.
    • When the camera shakes too much.
  • Continuous shooting is performed during shooting Sweep Panorama and the shutter sound keeps beeping until shooting is finished.
  • The following functions are not available with Sweep Panorama:
    • Smile Shutter
    • Face/Eye Priority in AF
    • Face Priority in Multi Metering
    • Auto Object Framing
    • DRO/Auto HDR
    • Picture Effect
    • Picture Profile
    • Soft Skin Effect
    • Long Exposure NR
    • Tracking function
    • Zoom
    • Drive Mode
    • Bright Monitoring
  • The values of the settings for some functions are fixed with Sweep Panorama, as follows:
    • [ISO] is fixed to [ISO AUTO].
    • [Focus Area] is fixed to [Wide].
    • [High ISO NR] is fixed to [Normal].
    • [Flash Mode] is fixed to [Flash Off].