Playing back movies

Plays back the recorded movies.

  1. Press the (playback) button to switch to playback mode.
  2. Select the movie to be played back using the control wheel and press the center of the control wheel to start playback.

Available operations during movie playback

You can perform slow playback and sound volume adjustment, etc. by pressing the down side of the control wheel.

  • : Playback
  • : Pause
  • : Fast-forward
  • : Fast-rewind
  • : Forward slow playback
  • : Reverse slow playback
  • : Next movie file
  • : Previous movie file
  • : Displays the next frame
  • : Displays the previous frame
  • : Motion Shot Video (Shows the tracking of a subject in motion.)
  • : Photo Capture
  • : Sound volume adjustment
  • : Closes the operation panel


  • “Forward slow playback,” “Reverse slow playback,” “Displays the next frame” and “Displays the previous frame” are available during pause.
  • Movie files recorded using other products may not be playable on this camera.


  • Even if you shoot the movie vertically, the movie will be displayed horizontally on the monitor of the camera.