Operating the camera from a computer (PC Remote Function)

With a USB connection, you can control the camera from a computer, including such functions as shooting and storing images on the computer.

Select MENU → (Network) → [Ctrl w/ Smartphone][Ctrl w/ Smartphone][Off] beforehand.

  1. MENU (Network) → [PC Remote Function] → Select an item to set, and then select the desired setting.
  2. Connect the camera to the computer using the micro USB cable (supplied), and then launch Imaging Edge (Remote) on the computer.
    You can now operate the camera using Imaging Edge (Remote).

Menu item details

PC Remote:
Sets whether or not to use the [PC Remote] function. ([On] / [Off])
Still Img. Save Dest.:
Sets whether or not to save still images to both the camera and the computer during PC Remote shooting. ([PC Only]/[PC+Camera]/[Camera Only])
RAW+J PC Save Img:
Selects the file type for images to be transferred to the computer when [Still Img. Save Dest.] is set to [PC+Camera]. ([RAW & JPEG]/[JPEG Only]/[RAW Only])


  • When an unrecordable memory card is inserted into the camera, you cannot record still images even if [Still Img. Save Dest.] is set to [Camera Only] or [PC+Camera].
  • When [Camera Only] or [PC+Camera] is selected and no memory card is inserted into the camera, the shutter will not be released even if [Release w/o Card] is set to [Enable].
  • While a still image is being played back on the camera, you cannot shoot with [PC Remote].
  • [RAW+J PC Save Img] can only be selected when [File Format] is set to [RAW & JPEG].