Zebra Setting

Sets a zebra pattern, which appears over part of an image if the brightness level of that part meets the IRE level that you have set. Use this zebra pattern as a guide to adjust the brightness.

  1. MENU (Camera Settings2) → [Zebra Setting] → desired setting.

Menu item details

Zebra Display:
Sets whether to display the zebra pattern.
Zebra Level:
Adjusts the brightness level of the zebra pattern.


  • You can register values to check the correct exposure or overexposure as well as the brightness level for [Zebra Level]. The settings for correct exposure confirmation and overexposure confirmation are registered to [Custom1] and [Custom2] respectively in the default settings.
  • To check the correct exposure, set a standard value and the range for the brightness level. The zebra pattern will appear on areas that fall within the range you set.
  • To check the overexposure, set a minimum value for the brightness level. The zebra pattern will appear over areas with a brightness level equal to or higher than the value you set.


  • The zebra pattern is not displayed on devices connected via HDMI.