Auto Dual Rec

Sets whether or not to automatically shoot still images when shooting movies. Shoots when impressive compositions, including people, are detected. This function may also record versions of the automatically shot images that have been trimmed into optimal compositions. When a trimmed image is recorded, both the image before trimming and the trimmed image will be recorded.

  1. MENU → (Camera Settings2) → [Auto Dual Rec] → desired setting.
  2. Press the MOVIE button to start movie recording.
    • Still images will be shot automatically. While capturing a still image, the message [CAPTURE] is displayed on the monitor.
  3. Press the MOVIE button again to finish movie recording.
    • To view the movies and still images recorded, press the (Playback) button.

Menu item details

Auto Dual Rec is not performed.
On: Shoot. Frequency Low/On: Shoot. Frequency Standard/On: Shoot. Frequency High:
Auto Dual Rec is performed with the specified shooting frequency.
  • The positions, orientation, expressions of faces are detected in order to shoot still images with the impressive compositions.


  • If you want to change the size or quality of still images, use MENU → (Camera Settings2)→[Img. Size(Dual Rec)]/[Quality(Dual Rec)].
  • Even when [Auto Dual Rec] is set to On, you can record still images by pressing the shutter button.


  • Depending on the recording conditions, still images may not be shot with the optimal timing.
  • Auto Dual Rec is unavailable when shooting movies vertically.